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Services / Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

Electrika E-medicare. Characteristics of the work

  • Medicine handling
  • Patient management
  • Reports Generation
  • Reduced expenses
  • Access control
  • Optimized business decision
  • Real time intra and inter-hospital information dissemination as it affects patients and staff

The Challenge

Powerhub strives to change some of the following error prone manual process:

  • • Patient information is collected by writing the patient's details on papers which are retrieved from a heap of files (belonging to other patients) whenever the patient requires medical care.
  • • Bills are generated by recording price for each facility provided to patient on a separate sheet and summed up at the end.
  • • Diagnosis information to patients is generally recorded on the document which contains patient information. This is destroyed after some time to decrease the paper load in the hospital.
  • • Immunization records of children are maintained in pre-formatted sheets, which are kept in a file.
  • • Information about various diseases is not being documented. Doctors do this job themselves by remembering most solutions to various ailments.

The Solution

Electrika medicare deals with various clinical processes ranging from medical history, staff on duty management, to prescription database, patient illness status and patient records. Besides the major advantage of security of patient records, the E-Medicare also provides a platform for better patient care since prescriptions, illness status and other numerous activities which directly affect the patient are made more straightforward and easily accessible to the personnel tasked with the job of taking care of the patients.