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Services / Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System

Electrika HR Management. Characteristics of the work

  • Payroll admin
  • Time and attendance
  • Recruitment
  • Staff Records
  • Web Marketing
  • Flashing news

The Challenge

Manual approaches to document and data control are rife with flaws that can negatively impact the integrity of an organization's quality management system.

For many organizations, information control processes are managed separately by different departments. This proves ineffective as individuals in one department lack visibility into important data control procedures implemented within other departments. In addition to the challenge of coordinating disparate electronic data management methods, the problem is frequently exacerbated by the use of archaic, manual processes for storing and organizing critical documentation in physical file folders.

The Solution

The human resources (HR) department of most organizations generally performs administrative functions. Efficient and effective management of personnel selection, evaluation, and payroll processes have increasingly become imperative and complex. Automating these processes therefore reduces the manual workload of the above mentioned administrative activities culminating in a more streamlined administrative operation.