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Services / Library Management System

Library Management System

Electrika Library Management. Characteristics of the work

  • Book cataloging
  • Student management
  • Reports Generation
  • Reduced expenses
  • Access control
  • RFID book security
  • Remote access to library feeds

Electrika Library caters for all the processes carried out in the library and try as much as possible to eliminate paper work and also provide a large store of information for all the activities carried out in the library. This information can be accessed easily on the click of a button.

The system is a desktop based GUI application networked to a general server that will house the database. This will be accessed by all the other clients installed in the various computers in the library for use by the staff. The library system could also have (depending on the requirement of the client) a web portal integrated to it where the book uploaded to the portal can be downloaded from. The system will also integrate a security system that detcts and triggers fire alarm, water level detection and so on.

This system provides a myriad of advantages as shown below:

  • • It will ensure the easy management of book requests made by staff and other library users.
  • • It will help in managing the cataloging process where all the books acquired in the library can be cataloged by the system.
  • • It will help in the easy circulation of books in the public services section where books can be borrowed by users and be properly tracked.
  • • It will ensure that any user must return all the books borrowed before being allowed to register for the use of the library in a new session.
  • • It will provide readily available reports on all the activities in the sections of the library for use in decision making by the management or for any other use.
  • • It will provide automatic check against removal of any unregistered library material.