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Services / School Management System

School Management System

Electrika School Manager. Characteristics of the work

  • Convenient Learning
  • Result fidelity
  • Reports Generation
  • Student management
  • Fees payment
  • Performance tracking
  • Admissions integrity

The Challenge

One of the disadvantages of manual accounting is the amount of time you must put into it. Because you don't have a computer categorizing and totaling figures, you must do this yourself. It takes more hours to do manual accounting than it does computerized accounting.

Manual accounting can seem much more tedious than computerized accounting. You have to add columns accurately, double-check your work and physically write in numbers. These routine tasks are handled efficiently by computerized systems.

The Solution

Due to advancement in technology, it has become imperative that schools should do away with most manual academic and administrative processes which are characterized by high degree of inaccuracy and are error prone. Powerhub's Electrika School Management Systems therefore streamlines these processes to provide a better learning and teaching system to bring about an ideal condition that is suitable for educational growth.